June 22-23, 2019
Meet the Experts
Unlock Expat Secrets
Gain the offshore knowledge that you can’t get anywhere else!
Learn Directly From The Experts

You’re not alone in your desire to live abroad. Hear from the experts who have done it and learn from their mistakes. Use our insider knowledge to make your transition overseas as seamless and pleasurable as possible!
Protect What's Yours
Walk away with the knowledge you need to protect what is yours. Discover the secrets of offshore wealth protection and legally protect and grow the wealth you have worked hard for. At the event, you will access to little known advantages of international and offshore banks, and how to use them legally and safely!
Take Charge
Take ahold of your future. Create a personalized global wealth, investment, and residency strategy that fits your needs, desires, and lifestyle. Make decisions that secure your wealth for yourself and your family for generations to come.
Meet the Experts
You will meet leading experts in international living, tax compliance, and wealth management. Get the answers you need to take your financial and personal plan to the next level. Hear great ideas and strategies to improve your personal, corporate, and financial situation, and make important contacts with top professionals and even make things happen during the event. 

Join Us In Pittsburgh! 

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